Aqua Barbara Termálfürdő és Kemping

Infrared sauna

Schmerzlindernde Wirkung. Die Tiefenwärme in einer Infrarotsauna hilft, die Blutgefäße zu erweitern und bringt Erleichterung und Heilung für Muskeln und leichte Gewebeverletzungen.

Burns calories and helps you control your weight: The infrared sauna simultaneously produces sweat and burns calories while getting the body’s circulation going.

At the same time removes toxins and pollutants. It is effective even at low temperatures: between 35 and 55 degrees Celsius, it works at a much safer and more comfortable temperature than conventional saunas. The long-wave infrared radiation penetrates 3.5-4 mm deep into the muscle fibers. This causes sweat production 3-4 times higher than normal.

Guest reviews


  • We would like to thank our friends for recommending this place. It is a beautiful, tidy, well kept, clean campground. Direct access to the well-equipped, modern spa, surrounded by beautiful parkland. Next to the campground is a lake around which you can take a nice walk. The people here and the staff at the spa are very friendly. We had a great time and will be frequent guests here in the future. I can just recommend it to everyone!

    Helmayer Sándor – Google rating