Aqua Barbara Termálfürdő és Kemping

Finnish sauna

An extremely pleasant pastime that combines elements of the Roman hot bath and the Turkish steam bath. In the traditional Finnish sauna, the body is warmed up with heated air and then gradually penetrates deeper and deeper into the body.

Features: cabin temperature 82-113 degrees with low humidity (10%). Cooling down in the fresh air after the sauna session, bathing in cold water and cold water baths stimulate the circulation and strengthen the immune system. Since the Middle Ages, sauna bathing has been one of the most natural and effective ways to relax, forget about everyday stress and recharge your batteries.

Guest reviews


  • We would like to thank our friends for recommending this place. It is a beautiful, tidy, well kept, clean campground. Direct access to the well-equipped, modern spa, surrounded by beautiful parkland. Next to the campground is a lake around which you can take a nice walk. The people here and the staff at the spa are very friendly. We had a great time and will be frequent guests here in the future. I can just recommend it to everyone!

    Helmayer Sándor – Google rating