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Rádiházi Stud Farm

In Rádiháza you can find the Kabala Ménes Kft. equestrian tourism center, which has been operating since December 1994. The village was once independent, but is now integrated into Gutorföld. The hilly pastures of the area, covered with old coppice forest and having a subalpine climate, are ideal for horse breeding. The landowner László Bartha started horse breeding in 1912 with 7 Lipica mares. The task of the stud, founded in 1949, was to breed horses of the highest possible quality for the Budapest “racing riders”. The Rádiház Stud was one of the first in Hungary to be put at the service of equestrian tourism. Already in the summer of 1963, 640 paid boarding days were reached, mostly with a stay of 8-9 days, with Austrian, German and English guests. From the beginning of the 1970s the equestrian sport reached a higher and higher level, national championships and international competitions were held in front of four to five thousand spectators. Later, the Bartha Villa was converted into a 10-room hotel with a restaurant, wine cellar and tennis courts.

Guest reviews


  • We would like to thank our friends for recommending this place. It is a beautiful, tidy, well kept, clean campground. Direct access to the well-equipped, modern spa, surrounded by beautiful parkland. Next to the campground is a lake around which you can take a nice walk. The people here and the staff at the spa are very friendly. We had a great time and will be frequent guests here in the future. I can just recommend it to everyone!

    Helmayer Sándor – Google rating