Aqua Barbara Termálfürdő és Kemping

Steam bath

More commonly known as a steam bath, a tiled room. In this room circulates hot steam through a steam generator.

As a result, the humidity is quite high, almost 100%. That is why it is also called a steam bath. It has its origin in the ancient Roman Empire. The Romans liked to visit the various bathhouses. A “purifying” steam bath was an essential part of it.

The great advantage of the application was the very beneficial effect on the skin. The moist heat improves blood circulation and thoroughly cleanses the skin. Sweating also helps to remove toxins from the dilated pores. This makes the skin soft, clean, firm and silky smooth. The temperature is not too high, between 40°C and 45°C, but still feels high due to the high humidity of 70%-100%.

Guest reviews


  • A very great bath. Wonderfully maintained thermal bath and campground. Quiet location with few guests, which is a fortune for relaxation. It is also worth trying the campground, which is located on a small lake shore. The staff is nice and friendly, delicious lunch and healing water. What more could you need. I can only congratulate the owner or the operator. An experience.

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