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Pension Garden of Angels

Pusztaederics, a small village in the Válicka Valley, is the ideal place for active recreation and experiments in reform cuisine. If you feel like it, you can take long walks. You can walk over one hill to the stud farm in Radihaz and over the other to the thermal beach in Pusztaszentlászló. On the outskirts of the village of 180 inhabitants, on the border with Göcsej, a special cottage has opened its doors. Even the name is surprising: Garden of Angels. Of course, it could also be called Aunt Zsuzsa’s Garden, because it is she, the owner’s mother-in-law, who runs the organic farm there, bakes special bread and gives cooking classes. But that’s not the name of the house. It’s not because it’s the seventh year of the Kitchen of Angels in Budapest, run by Katalin Dudás, a psychologist and nutritionist, and the guesthouse was inspired by that cuisine. If you will: They have a house, their own garden to retreat to. For a detox, a juice fast or just to revive the roots, to reconnect with nature. The experience begins with silence. There is no cell phone reception in Pusztaederice, so it is silent in the 12-bed Garden of Angels guesthouse. The only ringing sound is the bell that accompanies the cows as they march through the village, which is only two streets long. Contributing to the peaceful atmosphere is the location of the small village, the abundance of greenery, the cheerful village farmer who knows his mushroom beds, the resourceful mayor (who even has the masseur come to the house for the elderly) – and, of course, the house. In the garden of the angels, everything is family. Meals are served at a single communal table in the common room, whenever the company wishes. You can even help gather food for the table, as the organic garden grows all the major vegetables, and in the winter, of course, all you have to do is go to the pantry. There are also good homemade jams and pickles. The bread is baked fresh every day, sometimes with a little walnut, pumpkin seeds, sometimes with diced green and yellow peppers and curry.

Guest reviews


  • A very great bath. Wonderfully maintained thermal bath and campground. Quiet location with few guests, which is a fortune for relaxation. It is also worth trying the campground, which is located on a small lake shore. The staff is nice and friendly, delicious lunch and healing water. What more could you need. I can only congratulate the owner or the operator. An experience.

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