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Buda Forest Arboretum

The Budafapuszta Arboretum (Buda Forest Arboretum) is located about 2 km from the foot of Bázakeretty, in the beautiful Göcseji Hills, in the middle of the intimate Zala Hills. The Zalai Forestry and Wood Processing Company founded the 46-hectare arboretum in 1959. The hunting lodge built in 1926, which belonged to the Zichy family, and the park around it form the core of the arboretum. It houses more than 200 species of mostly protected plants, pine, deciduous and shrub species. The tree species originate from North America, Asia and Northern Europe. Perhaps most spectacular are the jegenye, redwood, and swamp pines, as well as the azaleas that bloom in early May. Along the shady trails, visitors will find a small spring-fed valley lake with a gorge. Well-equipped resting places invite to a forest snack or a bacon barbecue. Besides the great landscape aesthetic value and attractions, the Buda Forest Arboretum also serves forestry research and educational purposes. Development studies are carried out to select the most suitable pine species for planting in Zala.

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  • We would like to thank our friends for recommending this place. It is a beautiful, tidy, well kept, clean campground. Direct access to the well-equipped, modern spa, surrounded by beautiful parkland. Next to the campground is a lake around which you can take a nice walk. The people here and the staff at the spa are very friendly. We had a great time and will be frequent guests here in the future. I can just recommend it to everyone!

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